JUAL Pengukur Konduktivitas Portabel WTW ProfiLine Cond 3310 Set 1

 WTW Portable Conductivity Meter ProfiLine Cond 3310 Set 1

Professional, field proven conductivity meter with backlit LCD graphic display for mobile measurement, with data logger, USB interface. Unit with a short instruction manual, CD-ROM and batteries, driver software for USB, cable.

The Cond 3310 is a combination of a robust portable meter and a data logger for all who wish to record measuring data automatically and evaluate data on a PC.

- Waterproof USB interface for fast data transfer

- Data output in .csv format

- Measuring range 0.001 µS/cm up to 1000 mS/cm

available sets:

Set 1: case with TetraCon® 325, LF standard solution, 1413 µS/cm at 25 °C

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